Edna – 103 (and 8 months)

This morning I had the privilege of visiting with Edna Boone, who is a patient at the Covenant Hospice Inpatient Care Center at West Florida Hospital. At the age of 103, this special lady shared with me her secrets to a long life, which included never picking up the habit of smoking, even though she found the act of smoking so chic while she was in boarding school during World War II.

Edna is an artist and poet, and studied classic art in cities around the world including Rome and Vienna. She worked mainly with pastels and says she enjoys capturing the delicate skin tones of women and children in her paintings. One of her paintings of a young Jesus still hangs on the wall inside the Methodist Church in Madrid, Alabama. She became a member of the church at the age of 5, and later in life painted the teenage Jesus in an effort to recruit younger members to the congregation.

Edna was married for 42 years, and told me the secret of a long and happy marriage was “patience, understanding, and of course, love.” After she shared with me her secret to a long marriage, I could not resist asking this 103 year-old about her greatest life lesson. However, I was quickly corrected “No, I am 103 and 8 months to be exact.”

After my apology, she shared this life lesson, “Life is an adventure if you will let be, so don’t close the door on life – it’s too precious and there is always something that you can do for someone else.” Edna continued, “Disappointments in life will come, but they will also go.”

Edna was being transferred today to a nursing home in Alabama, which will put her closer to where her son lives. Although, she told me “I wish I did not have to leave, because I love it here. Everyone is so wonderful to me.” I asked her if she needed anything before I left her room, and she whispered to me, “I sure wish I had some perfume on for the trip.” Well, in pure Covenant Hospice fashion, a hospice aide had her smelling good before I left the room.


One Response to “Edna – 103 (and 8 months)”

  1. Great story. What a wise and wonderful lady!!!! Thank you, Miss Edna for sharing your secrets.

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