A quick thanks

I was having lunch in a local restaurant where you place your order, give your name and wait at a table for your name to be called.  I was reading the paper when my name was called.  About mid-way through my lunch a man approached my table and asked if I was a Covenant Hospice volunteer who visited patients at Emerald Coast Center.  He thanked me for the kindness and comfort I had given to his mother in the last months before she died.  It is the little stories like this that make my being a Covenant Hospice volunteer  important to me.

Are you interested in becoming a Covenant Hospice volunteer?  Join me and learn more…

-Brice, Covenant Hospice Volunteer, Niceville


4 Responses to “A quick thanks”

  1. Thank you, Brice! Just one amazing story of many from our fabulous volunteers. You are the HEART of Covenant Hospice!

  2. Brice, you are so right. As a Covenant volunteer myself, I can totally relate. When I get feedback from the people I’ve helped, it makes the experience that much more special. Thanks for doing what you do. You are making a difference in people’s lives.

  3. Brice is an amazing volunteer and this is just one of many stories he could share. He has been very instrumental in setting up opportunities for our volunteers in a local nursing facility. We have helped with everything from Senior Proms to Fall Festivals. The volunteers have as much fun as the residents. As a spiritual volunteer, Brice brings flowers from his church to his ladies every week. He brings a ray of sunshine to the residents he visits.

  4. Brice, you remind us of the profound impact that hospice volunteers have on our patients and their loved ones. I think that sometimes Covenant volunteers wonder if their visits and simple acts of kindness really matter. We know that overwhelmingly the answer is YES, and in more ways that we will ever realize. Thanks for all that you do and congratulations on being Niceville’s Volunteer of the Year!

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