Jewelry Artist Stephanie Ritchie Gives Her Heart to Covenant Hospice

When a customer first approached Stephanie Ritchie to create a heart motif necklace, she scoffed. Ubiquitous heart themed jewelry did not inspire the self taught jewelry artist who specializes in surface texturing.  With the understanding that anyone who has lived or loved very much at all has had their heart beaten, broken, and set afire, the talented designer realized that she could create a heart that accurately depicts the depths of pain and healing that life can throw at someone. The Tortured Heart jewelry collection was born.

 In June 2011, Stephanie Ritchie opened The Tortured Heart Jewelry Studio and Fine Art Gallery located at 3477 Gulf Breeze Parkway in Gulf Breeze, FL. Numerous jewelry collections are showcased in the gallery alongside glassworks, paintings, and photography by accomplished local artists. Her support of Covenant Hospice comes from a very personal place of loss. The heartbreaking death of her father in 2009 left Ritchie with a profound appreciation for the importance of hospice care which allowed her father to pass peacefully at home. To demonstrate her commitment to charitable giving, she donated a handmade Tortured Heart necklace in gold and silver to our organization. The original necklace has been beaten and hammered, pierced and broken, but also mended. Finally, it has grown wings. The necklace speaks volumes to those who have loved and lost.

 Thank you Stephanie Ritchie for your beautiful donation and your continued support of hospice care.


2 Responses to “Jewelry Artist Stephanie Ritchie Gives Her Heart to Covenant Hospice”

  1. What a beautiful story with wonderful layers of significance. Thank you Tiffany for telling us about Stephanie and thank you Stephanie for tapping into your talent to create something so inspiring.

  2. I have always been fascinated by unique handmade jewelry. The Stephanie’s works are artful, well-wrought and simply gorgeous. I am moved by her collection of hearts and the way they reflect the reality of love and loss. It is a blessing that she has given her “heart” to Covenant. I look forward to discovering more of her creations! Thanks for sharing this Tiffany.

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