Volunteer Services Manager Keelea LeJeune

Thinking of becoming a Covenant Hospice Volunteer?

Have you considered becoming a Covenant Hospice Volunteer?  Volunteers are the HEART of Covenant Hospice and we wouldn’t be able to provide the level of excellent care that we’re known for without them.  Most of us live busy lives and tend to think we just don’t have the time to commit to volunteerism, but here at Covenant Hospice, we recognize the value of your time.  Our volunteers are considered “active” whether they volunteer 20 hours per week (and some do!) or just 1 hour per year!  We CAN and WILL work with your schedule!  Our friendly Volunteer Services Managers will take the time to learn about your interests and skills, provide the training you need, and place you in the volunteer assignment that fits perfectly with your schedule. 

Volunteers assist with everything from administrative office work (answering phones, stuffing envelopes, data entry) to providing respite and companionship for our patients and their families–and EVERYTHING in between.   Our volunteers put their valuable skills to work for Covenant Hospice everyday, helping to improve the quality of life for each of our patients and their families.  To learn more about volunteer opportunities or upcoming trainings in your area, visit www.covenanthospice.org/volunteers or call (800) 541-3072 and ask to be connected to a Volunteer Services Manager in your area. 

We’d love to hear your opinions!  What barriers might prevent you from volunteering?  What do you expect to get back  from becoming a Covenant Hospice Volunteer?  Do you have ideas about how you might be able to put your skills to work for Covenant Hospice?  Do you have a special reason for wanting to volunteer?  Share your stories!  Tell us your thoughts!


One Response to “Thinking of becoming a Covenant Hospice Volunteer?”

  1. Thanks, Keelea! Many people think that volunteering for hospice will be depressing and that Covenant only needs volunteers to care for patients. We want community members to know that there are many choices for Covenant volunteer involvement, as you explained, and that volunteers tell us that their experiences are uplifting and rewarding! In fact 98% of Covenant volunteers rated their experiences as very good or excellent in 2011. At Covenant we promise volunters that they will find worthwhile work to do, a sense of purpose and the knowledge that they’re making a difference. Thank you, Keelea, and all of the volunteer management team, for the wonderful work that you do in supporting patients, families, the organization and volunteers!

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