Faith Gathering

October is when we celebrate the work of ministers. At Covenant Hospice, we value each person’s spirituality and have Chaplain services available to our patients and their families. These Chaplains work make referrals to or work alongside community faith leaders on a daily basis as an added resource.

So we recognize that as leaders serve congregations, they face many end of life situations–and they can be difficult for any faith congregation leader. You see how much help is needed not only for the person but the caregiver, too. Faith leaders and congregations reach out to these people and as their conditions worsen, you may realize more help is needed.

So this month, Covenant Hospice will hold Faith Gatherings all across Northwest Florida and southern Alabama.

We will seek to answer questions such as:

  • When is the right time to mention Covenant Hospice?
  • Can we help congregation members receive hospice care?
  • Are there words we can use to help our members feel less anxious and more confident about the ways hospice can help?
  • How can we explain that accepting hospice care does not mean that the member is giving up on his or her faith or that believing in a miracle is still possible?

Faith leaders, we hope you will join Covenant Hospice at these Faith Gatherings to celebrate your ministry during Pastoral Appreciation Month and strengthen your ministry to members who are facing the end of life.

For more information about Faith Gatherings, or our Chaplain services, contact us at or by phone at 1(800) 541-3072.


One Response to “Faith Gathering”

  1. Thank you Curtis and all spiritual leaders who serve our patients and families each day.

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