To Remember and Celebrate

Although I am new to the Communications Department at Covenant Hospice, it has been a wonderful journey for me. There are so many days I find myself inspired by the touching stories we are very fortunate to receive and share. Although I have health care experience, I have found that hospice provides a very unique perspective because the focus is on the patient and their family and not exclusively on illness. It is so magnificent to receive stories from families and know that our compassionate care has truly made a difference in their lives.

I wanted to share with you one of the letters we recently received:

 “To the staff of Covenant Hospice,

 On behalf of my family, we want to thank you for your very kind care of our mother who passed June of this year, less than six months after her husband and our father passed away.

 They were married in the spring of 1943 and they were just teenagers, 19 and 18 respectively. Rarely have there been two people who loved each other as much as they did. Like so many wedding photos of the time, the women wore their best dress but not a white wedding gown. And the men were in their military uniforms.

 The looks on their faces [in their wedding photo] reflect the times, the depression at the back door and the war at the front door. Joy was a prayer not to be held onto tightly as so many would never come home. The courage of the men was buoyed by the strength of the women. My mother was quiet, kind, and yet had the perseverance of pioneer women.

 But joy did come. [Our father] came home from the war, they had a family and life was good. We traveled the world as my father continued to serve his country. They led extraordinary lives and yet remained ordinary people. Though the sadness is consuming we are celebrating the end of well lived lives in Christ.”


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