Frank Delorenzo

The Last Chance: Showing Excellence in Compassionate Care to Our Nation’s Heroes

The following blog post was authored by Brian Ranelli, guest blogger and Special Projects Manager at Covenant Hospice.

Over the last few months I have had the privilege of working with many throughout the Covenant Hospice Family in order to accomplish one common goal: improving the quality of life for the Veterans we serve. This has been quite a ride for me as it has truly been rewarding to work alongside so many wonderful individuals to show gratitude and recognition to those who have sacrificed so much for the freedoms we enjoy today.

I attended an event at the Naval Aviation Museum this past weekend and like many of you, I have been there many times. This time, however, was very different. As I walked throughout the impressive collection of aircraft and military history, I knew the stories behind several of the planes. I knew the stories because I had the distinct honor of meeting the extraordinary people who commanded the aircraft as these individuals were patients of Covenant Hospice. 

Take a recent Covenant Hospice patient – Frank DeLorenzo, one of my favorite Veterans stories of the many we could proudly share. Mr. Delorenzo flew a plane that carried Admiral Chester Nimitz to become commander-in-chief of the Pacific Fleet less than a month after the attacks on Pearl Harbor. Today, that plane, a PB2Y Coronado sits in the Naval Aviation Museum and when the Museum had a ceremony in Mr. DeLorenzo’s honor, Covenant Hospice and staff at the Joyce Goldenberg Inpatient Hospice Facility made certain he was in attendance. I love this story because you can just see the joy in this gentleman’s face and I can not tell you how rewarding it is to be a part of such a wonderful team that helped make that possible.

Covenant Hospice has a privilege, rather, a responsibility to care for the men and woman who have served our country so faithfully. In many ways, it is the last chance to show the honor and recognition that they have earned and deserve. So in closing, be mindful of our responsibility as caregivers and please be encouraged to show appreciation when possible. As always, please contact me at any time with ideas or suggestions on how to serve Veterans in new and exciting ways moving forward.

Yours in service,

Brian E. Ranelli
Special Projects Manager, Covenant Hospice


One Response to “The Last Chance: Showing Excellence in Compassionate Care to Our Nation’s Heroes”

  1. Brian,
    Thank you for reminding us of how important it is for us to remember our veterans and all that they have given for this country. It’s not that hard to say “thank you for your service”….but it can mean so much. I love that Covenant recognizes our veterans and goes that extra mile to honor them.

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