Lost and Found

It was a cool fall evening and Mr. and Mrs. Jones sat watching television in their living room with a cool breeze echoing from the windows. Suddenly, Mr. Jones stands up and bolts for the front door and down the residential street straight towards a busy highway. Mrs. Jones is left astonished and scared. Mr. Jones has Alzheimer’s disease and recently has had trouble walking around their home much less running. She suddenly breathes a sigh of relief, Mr. Jones has his Project Lifesaver bracelet on – police can find him. The police do find Mr. Jones. Using the signal from his Project Lifesaver bracelet, they find him across the busy highway, down in an embankment, covered with trees, no shoes or shirt on, but alive and unharmed.

This story is just one of the many stories we hear at Alzheimer’s Family Services. 60% of Alzheimer’s patients will wander at some point during their disease process and 70% of these patients will repeat wander. Thanks to the help of Project Lifesaver– a device that equips dementia patients with a transmitting device to help locate them in the event that they wander away from their homes and become lost – we able to find our clients who may otherwise meet an unfriendly end.

What would you do if you were lost at night and couldn’t find your way home? Would you call someone to help you? Most likely, you would remember who you are, how you got there, and who to call. Unfortunately, people afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease can’t remember. They need our help to get home. Contact Alzheimer’s Family Services if we can help someone you love with this lifesaving program.


One Response to “Lost and Found”

  1. If you would like to volunteer once per month to change the battery in this lifesaving device for these families, call Keelea LeJeune, Volunteer Manager at (850) 202-0353!

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