Doris’ Cookie Jar

We have a cookie theme this week, don’t we?  This article is from the December issue of our donor newsletter, Covenant Connection.   It’s such a sweet story of giving and so appropriate as we approach the holidays.  Enjoy!

The story of every patient for whom Covenant Hospice cares is special.  The same can be said for the gifts that each inspires.

Doris was admitted to the Joyce Goldenberg Residence in January of this year.  She came to receive additional medical support and care for the illness she had been battling for many years.   It was her decision, in consultation with her physician, to enter one of Covenant’s in-patient facilities.  Her doctor told her that it would offer her the best possible quality of life and dignity for the time she had left.  According to her devoted husband John, the experience she – and he – had during the 30 days she was at the Residence was nothing short of remarkable.

“We were so grateful that a facility like that was available,” John recounted recently.  “There was never any gloom or doom during the time we spent there.  Instead, it felt like we became part of Covenant’s family, the way they took care of both of us.  We couldn’t have done it without their help.  The people who were with her during those final days were just amazing.” John said.

Shortly after Doris’ passing, John approached Covenant Hospice.  He was looking for a way to both honor his wife’s memory and provide support for other families with loved ones staying at the Residence. After several discussions he decided to create a fund to provide complimentary meals to visiting family members and “Doris’ Cookie Jar” came into being. 

Every Friday, the Residence offers a full lunch buffet prepared by “Chef Paul” who regularly prepares meals for the residents under our care.  Typically, the Residence charges a modest fee for the meal.  The fund makes it possible for any visiting friend or family member to find a few moments of personal respite while enjoying a home cooked meal.   This year Doris’ Cookie Jar will also underwrite the Residence’s traditional Thanksgiving dinner for our patients and their visiting loved ones.  

John intends to make certain that the Doris’ Cookie Jar fund stays fully stocked for years to come.  It’s a unique and special way to honor the memory of a loved one while supporting others going through their own end-of-life journey.



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