Serving our Nations Heroes – A Call to Action for the New Year

Looking back on 2011, Covenant Hospice has much to celebrate as an organization truly committed to serving our nations heroes. We have achieved Partnership Status in the nationally recognized initiative, We Honor Veterans, a program sponsored by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization that invites hospices to facilitate, increase, and improve quality of care for Veterans. But what does this really mean and what can be celebrated?

This means that in pursuit of such recognition, Covenant Hospice has delivered on our promise of excellence in compassionate care to 1,114 Veterans and their families in 2011 based upon excellent collaboration between staff and volunteers. Allow me to proceed with a shining example:

Several months ago, one of our volunteers, Ray Wann shared a special story about an experience he coordinated with one of our veteran patients inDothan, it is the classic and touching story of John Christy:

Mr. Wann, like all of our outstanding volunteers, went above and beyond by contacting several individuals who served with Mr. Christy years ago and invited them to the families home for a special ceremony. Now, one of the interesting things about this story is that in addition to Mr. Wann and Mr. Christy both being Veterans, they also were chaplains and attended the same church where they participated in the choir together. Well, Mr. Wann invited a music coordinator to the home as well and all enjoyed a wonderful ceremony together to honor this gentleman’s service to our country and enjoyed fellowship to the sound of patriotic music and spiritual hymns.

One of the most rewarding aspects of serving Veterans is being able to see the joy in these individuals faces as they are being recognized and I think you’ll agree, the picture below is wonderfully moving and an excellent example of excellence in compassionate care.

And so, as a call to action for the new year, please be assured that efforts to recognize and serve our nations heroes means so very much to the men and woman who are being recognized and not only speaks highly of our organization, but is consistent with our mission, our promise to the patients and families we serve! 

Yours in Service,

Brian E. Ranelli
Special Projects Manager
Covenant Hospice


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