Volunteer Panel Discussion: A Success!

At Covenant Hospice, we like to provide constant ongoing education for our volunteers.  They are a very literal extension of  the staff team, and each volunteer is an ambassador for the agency in our community.  We want every volunteer to be armed with knowledge about Covenant Hospice and the services we provide, as well as the confidence to know they are doing their jobs correctly.  Volunteers meet people in the community each and every day that have been misinformed about the hospice philosophy or how and when a patient who needs us can receive services.  It’s our job to make sure that these folks get the correct information so that everyone in our community knows when and how to seek the services of Covenant Hospice when they need us most.  

That’s why, in January of this year we held our 2nd Annual Volunteer Luncheon and Hospice Panel Discussion at the Pensacola Branch Office.  With over 60 active volunteers in attendance, it was by far our best-attended volunteer in-service.  Volunteers always come away from the day with answers to questions that they didn’t even know they had.  In addition, they leave us with suggestions on how to improve care for patients and our existing volunteer programs.  

This year’s panel included members from all disciplines of the hospice Interdisciplinary Group:  a Bereavement Specialist, a Social Worker, Hospice Aide, Hospice RN/Case Manager, a Hospice Physician, the Director of Volunteer Programs, and a Chaplain.  In addition to the IDG members, we invited a representative from our medical equipment provider, a Community Educator, and representatives from the Development and Finance Departments.  All of our bases were covered!

Panel members started by introducing themselves and speaking briefly about what their jobs entail.  Volunteers were then invited to ask questions of the panel and make suggestions about our programs and how the staff can work even better with volunteers.  

The meeting was a HUGE success!  Thanks to our panel members and to all the volunteers in attendance!  Covenant Hospice LIVES “teamwork” and I’m proud, everyday, to be a part of this amazing TEAM!   Interested in joining us?  Check out the Covenant Hospice Volunteer Page and contact a Volunteer Manager near you to get started today!  We’re waiting to hear from you now!


One Response to “Volunteer Panel Discussion: A Success!”

  1. What a great idea to encourage team work and networked support for all! Glad to hear it went over well for you.

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