“Lion Tamers of the Heart”

A father diagnosed with Lung Cancer, with only a few months to live, a son who he had not spoken to or seen in over 15 years. He was alone, no home, living at a place that took him in due to his circumstances with absolutely no family around. He had served our country in the military, married, had a son, divorced and lived a hard life. This is how we found Mr. D*, bitter, hollow, angry and tired. Enter in the Social Worker (aka Lion Tamer of the Heart), active/empathetic listening, providing supportive words/comfort, building trust and gentle encouragement. Communication barriers were broken and a search began to find his son. He was found, he himself had a son, this father, was now a grandfather! Letters between the men were written, and the years of hurt, pain and sadness were healed. Mr. D.’s personality was changed, he saw a future even though he had a tough past, one of the last things that he said to his social worker, “I love you, thank you” words that he had not used to anyone in years and was able to tell his family and his grandson that he might not have ever met. Remember, March is National Social Worker Month, tell those that you know are Social Workers, how much they are appreciated. These men and women carry stories like these in their hearts and minds always giving themselves fully to their profession to continue to make a true difference in the life of those around them.


About merianmilton

I am a mother of two beautiful girls and my husband and I live in Marianna, FL. I am the Eastern Region Director of Marketing for Covenant Hospice and absolutely love spreading the word about the excellent services of Covenant Hospice and taking care of patients and their families facing a life limiting illness.

One Response to ““Lion Tamers of the Heart””

  1. I LOVE our Social Workers here at Covenant Hospice! What a great story to describe just a portion of the miracles these men and women perform each and every day! Happy Social Worker month!

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