Help me feel like a kid again: Jacob’s Story

In honor of Social Worker’s Month, I would like to share with you a story about a little boy named Jacob. Jacob is five years old and 2 years ago, his whole world changed. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  The months following his diagnosis, Jacob went through many tests, scans, and numerous medical procedures that an adult would be afraid of which caused him pain and anxiety. Over time, he developed severe anxiety towards people in general. To this little boy, everyone was going to hurt him. Jacob was fearful, guarded, and unwilling to allow medical staff to approach him. He was even unable to participate in activities such as play groups and baseball, which other kids his age loved to do, because of his anxiety. 

That was before he became enrolled into the Partners In Care: Together For Kids Program (PIC:TFK). The social worker began working with Jacob through his play, addressing concerns about trust, security, and communication.  Eventually, Josh began to greet her at the door, playing with her, and allowing medical staff to complete his physical assessments. 

Jacob’s mother reports that he is now calm during medical appointments and even started assisting with his own port flushing.  This year Jacob is attending kindergarten, began riding the school bus, and participating in T-Ball; enjoying life as a five year old should.  He has made excellent progress and has definitely benefited from the PIC-TFK Program.

PIC:TFK is an unique program offered through Children’s Medical Services. It focuses on the quality of life for children with life-limiting conditions and their families. For more information about the PIC:TFK Program and other children’s services offered through Covenant Hospice, please our website at


One Response to “Help me feel like a kid again: Jacob’s Story”

  1. What an amazing story! Thank goodness there is a program that can help children like Jacob and his family. I can just picture him out on the baseball field grinning and having fun like five year olds should be able to do.

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