National Social Worker Month…Part 2

Can you believe it is almost April?? As National Social Work Month nears an end, I wanted to share with you how social work helps to further the mission of Covenant Hospice through the eyes of two of our social workers.  

How do you feel your background and expertise in social work helps you to further Covenant’s mission in your present position?

Kristen: I have always felt it is essential to have a professional mentor.  I have been fortunate to have had several in my life. A few months prior to graduating fromBaylorUniversity with my MSW, I started thinking about the social workers I most admired and tried to determine what those women had in common. I found many characteristics they shared, but one starting place…hospice work. I felt that if working in end-of-life care could produce such well-rounded, solid social workers then I should consider starting there too. I have worked at a shelter for abused women and children and at the Mississippi Health and Human Services department working in childhood abuse investigations but most of my work has been focused on helping people Alzheimer’s Disease and other Neurodegenerative diseases. I found that my background was a natural fit for hospice work.

Michelle: One of the tenets of social work is self determination. The end of life is a point in one’s life when self determination is most important but least likely to be respected by the medical profession (social workers included.) Social workers help other professionals, loved ones and even the patient to understand the importance of self determination and help advocate for it. This includes everything from code status to taking or not taking pain medicines. Additionally, as adults we have the right to make bad decisions. Social workers can be helpful in reminding each other and coworkers of this fact and letting people live the way they need to.

Thank you again to Education Manager Kristen Hudson McGehee, LCSW, ACHP-SW and Senior Regional Social Worker Michelle L. Garrett, LCSW, and to all of our wonderful social workers for everything you do!


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