Easter’s coming…don’t just stand there

This Sunday you will find me in church in the morning and hiding Easter eggs in the afternoon. It seems like an odd combination, but hey, I’ve got kids, and they have grandparents…but enough of my day.

How about a day that is pretty much one of three holidays celebrated because of one man? Christmas–his birth; Good Friday–his death; Easter–his resurrection. But do you know about a day 40 days from Easter? I didn’t think so. It’s not one of the holidays or received with much hoop-lah. But this day actually gives the rest of them the power behind their meaning, and why they’ve been celebrated for hundreds of years.

It’s the ascension. Ascension? What does that mean. In the book of Acts, Luke describes after the resurrection (which Christians celebrate on Easter), Jesus was taken up–he ascended.

Now, you may think it’s silly, crazy, fairy-tale-ish stuff. But, have you ever thought what ascend means? In England, I guess there is a throne where the king or queen sits. So, you or I could go and ascend the throne (until the security guards showed up) physically. But it wouldn’t make you or me the King or Queen of England. But a person can ascend to power. And in a very simple way, that’s what Jesus did 40 days after the resurrection–he brought meaning to everything he did and we celebrate (or take time off for.)

And Luke tells us in Acts that everybody just stared into the sky like deer caught in a semi-truck’s headlights–someone even asked them why they were staring up in the sky because, as they put it, the way he ascended, he will come again. In other words: why are you standing around? Don’t just stand there, do something!

Jesus had already told his disciples this before his trial and sentencing. He tells them he has set an example for them and to do as I have done. Pretty amazing since he was entitled to the throne–and he ascends there as I’ve described–but he sacrifices and serves.

So, as Easter is coming soon, where do you find yourself in relation to the man whose death, burial, and resurrection is celebrated? Are you standing there staring either in disbelief or uncertainty? Are you staring because you are not sure where to go next (and you’re in good company since his very disciples were perplexed too)? Or are you sacrificing and serving, and doing as he has done?

I’d love to hear from you and your stories…


3 Responses to “Easter’s coming…don’t just stand there”

  1. Curtis, I AM SPEECHLESS!! If you knew me, speechless is rarely an adjective that describes me!
    Your devotion was powerful and thought provoking. It has caused me to pause this day and think about my focus as I attempt to follow Him. Thank you– Erin Stevens,
    CE Dothan

  2. Glad to hear it, Erin. Hope you get your speech back

  3. Thank you for reminding us of the privelege we have to serve others.

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