“April Showers Bring May Flowers”

“April showers bring May flowers!” It’s an old adage that we often use …some years it is true and other years, it is as dry as the Mojave desert in the summer.  However, at Covenant Hospice I have found that when life brings showers, there is never a better place or organization that is there to care for your family and friends, wherever you call home. My grandmother was born April 7th, 1913. She was an amazing woman who overcame many odds growing up during the depression. Her mother had Polio and her father died when she was very young. She married my grandfather when she was just 16 and went on to raise 4 children. My grandmother never had really any serious health issues, until she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Slowly, we began losing her to the disease and she was living with my father and my aunt back and forth. Eventually, it became too much and we had to move her to a local nursing home for 24-hour care. Every day, she was scared, crying and worried. She no longer knew any of her family and her health was very slowly declining. Ultimately, she was given a hospice consult; not just any hospice, but Covenant.

Once my grandmother was admitted to Covenant, her medications were changed and almost immediately we saw a huge difference in her demeanor. She was no longer crying, scared, worried, anxious….she was calm and relaxed. In turn, my family was relieved that she finally had some sense of peace. This was all due to the awesome staff at Covenant who were working to give my grandmother the quality of life that she deserved, the respect she deserved and peace she needed. You might be wondering, “What does this have to do with an Alzheimer’s patient, since they do not know what is going on anyway?”  This is not true, just because someone does not know what is going on in their surroundings anymore, does not mean they do not feel stressed as well their family. Covenant Hospice was there like an umbrella in the rain…

We know that in life rain will fall, but at Covenant was there for my family to cover all the bases. Kind of like an umbrella that keeps you dry and safe and can be, at times, colorful (depending on your umbrella.)

This is why I wanted to work at Covenant Hospice, because of the difference we make in the lives of others, and the difference they made in my family’s life. My grandmother died April 4th, 2006. She was buried on her birthday, April 7th. So my “April showers” remind me of her and the profound difference she made in my life and also the difference that Covenant has made in my life.

“Life is like a rainbow: You need both the sun and rain to make the colors appear.” – Unknown


About merianmilton

I am a mother of two beautiful girls and my husband and I live in Marianna, FL. I am the Eastern Region Director of Marketing for Covenant Hospice and absolutely love spreading the word about the excellent services of Covenant Hospice and taking care of patients and their families facing a life limiting illness.

One Response to ““April Showers Bring May Flowers””

  1. This is an amazing, loving testimony of a grandchild’s love for a wonderful grandmother.

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