Hunting Memories…

Looking for a way to reuse all those plastic Easter eggs? Here is fun activity you can do as a family to memory your loved one with an Easter twist.

Gather 5-7 plastic eggs or as many as you would like. On a slip of paper, write a memory you have of a loved one who has passed. Place a slip of paper in each egg. Hide the plastic eggs as you would normally.

As you hunt and find the hidden eggs, take a moment to open up the egg and share the memory of the loved one passed. Spend time talking about the memory shared with your family.

This is a nice, easy way to include loved ones who have died in your Spring celebrations and bring the family together.

As a little girl, I remember going over to my grandmother’s house every Easter and hunting eggs with all my cousins. My grandmother would sit on the back porch, in her rocking chair, calling out to each of us as we got close to a hidden egg. Once we had gathered the eggs, we would start “trading” the eggs we had found with each other. I would end up with chocolate all over my face and down my new dress. I remember grandmother laughing and smiling as all of her grandkids were gathered around the porch eating all the candy they could get their hands on.

Take time to remember your loved one this Spring, with a fun activity for the entire family.

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