Employee Recognition

I recently came across this article that discusses some recent findings and the importance of employee recognition. Can you believe that one in five workers claim they don’t need acknowledgement for doing a good job? Perhaps my surprise is because at Covenant we utilize several internal programs that recognize employees for going “above and beyond.” I even remember filling out my new employee paperwork and there was an area that specifically asked about recognition and my preferences for being commended in the workplace. Although I had not previously been asked that information as a new employee, it makes sense according to Robert Hosking, executive director of OfficeTeam who says, “Because individuals like to be acknowledged in different ways, managers should find out what their workers value most and customize recognition accordingly.”

I’m sure most HR departments agree that recognizing employees is essential to maintaining a healthy, happy workforce. Reading the article was good timing for me because today is our Annual Employee Recognition Luncheon. This is one of the programs we use to celebrate all of our employees and the extraordinary work they do throughout the year. We also give awards for length of service (one of our very special employees has been with us for 22 years!!) and present awards to six exceptional people who characterize our Pillars of Excellence: Service, Quality, People, Finance, Growth and Community. It’s a day filled with fun and fellowship that our employees look forward to every year.

We have over 700 remarkable employees with a passion for their life’s work dedicated to Covenant Hospice. We live in communities that respect and give generously to our organization. There is much to recognize, celebrate and be thankful for! If you’re interested in joining our committed team, you can find current job openings here.


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