Freedom Isn’t Free: A Reflection on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is just around the corner and some will have the day off, others may spend time with friends and family, and I myself will likely grill out – after all the day marks the first day of summer. However your Memorial Day is spent, it’s a time to celebrate the blessing of freedom.

With freedom, comes enormous sacrifice – the sacrifices of the men and women who have faithfully served our country over the years. World War II stands out with members of the Greatest Generation followed by Korea,Vietnam, and of course those who have served since the events of September 11, 2001. Regardless of the war or conflict – we simply would not be able to enjoy living & working as we so choose, worshipping as we please, and countless other blessings without the sacrifices of our nation’s heroes – those who have served and paid the ultimate sacrifice for that freedom.

Even in the last year, several members of the communities we serve paid the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan and Iraq. It seems hard to pay tribute to one of the fallen heroes when a loss hits so close to home, but several months ago when a fallen young man was returned home from the battlefield – Covenant Hospice staff and volunteers lined the streets in Dothan with American Flags to show respect.

So this year, lets take an opportunity to appreciate the freedoms we enjoy in this country and remember that freedom isn’t free, it’s paid with the sacrifices of those who have served and maybe take an opportunity to thank a serviceman, a servicewoman, or a Veteran for all they have done for our country.


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One Response to “Freedom Isn’t Free: A Reflection on Memorial Day”

  1. Thank you for reminding us all of those we have to thank for our freedoms…I am glad the Covenant team was there to show their appreciation.

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