Thank you and Farewell from Joy

JoyI’d like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends at Covenant Hospice.  This is my final blog post.  Soon I will be leaving Mobile and Covenant to begin a new chapter in my life as a Physician Assistant student in New Hampshire.  I am most excited about this opportunity but I am sad to leave behind my Covenant friends.

I am so thankful and grateful to have met each and every one of you.  You have all taught me so much and I will take those lessons with me and do my best to emulate the example and high bar that you have set.  Perhaps one day when I finish school and PAs are allowed to practice in hospice, our paths will cross again.  Until then, I’ll keep up with y’all via the blog.

Continue doing what you do so well.  You make a huge difference!!!  Thank you for letting me be a part of it all.

May each of you have “fair winds and following seas” as you chart the course of your lives and assist others with theirs.



2 Responses to “Thank you and Farewell from Joy”

  1. Best of luck to you in your move and new adventures, Joy! Covenant will miss you, but we appreciate all that you contributed to us and to our mission in the time you were here as a volunteer! Thank you!

  2. Joy you will be dearly missed! Thank you for everything you have done for Covenant Hospice and best of luck to you always!

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