A Quick Introduction of Our New Blogger…Welcome Heather!

Hello loyal readers! I am a new contributor to this blog, as well as a new volunteer for Covenant. So for my first post, I figured that I ought to introduce myself and share how I feel about this wonderful experience so far now that I’ve been with Covenant for a few months now.

My name is Heather Horne, and I’m a volunteer at the Joyce Goldenberg Hospice Inpatient Residence, as well as the Hospice Care Center at West Florida Hospital in Pensacola.

I initially decided to start volunteering for a number of reasons. Being at loss with what to do with my life for the longest time, I obtained a CNA license last year in order to have an employment option and have a step forward in finding a career in the medical field. Even after that, however, I still did not feel confident enough in my abilities to take a nursing aide job right away. I wanted a way to help keep my skills sharpened, and volunteer work seemed like the best bet. Covenant Hospice was my first choice due to how well they treated my grandfather while he was staying at the West Florida Hospital Care Center several years ago, and I was very eager to give back in some way.

I must say, it ended up being the best decision I have made in a very long time! Not only have I gained more confidence in myself and getting a good idea of where to go from here, but spending time with patients and their families has been an incredibly rewarding experience. All of patients, their families, as well as all of the wonderful staff members and fellow volunteers never hesitate to tell me how much of a help I have been. Never before have I felt more appreciated and useful than I do here; it has almost become a home away from home for me!

In the coming months, I hope to be able to share some of my experiences with all of you and provide some unique insight on what it’s like to volunteer at the inpatient centers. My aim is to appeal to as many different readers as possible, whether you’re already part of Covenant, considering hopping on board, or just a random passer-by!

Thank you for reading! I really look forward to getting to know all of you.


About Heather

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