Celebrating Freedom: A Reflection on the 4th of July

Yesterday, America celebrated the 4th of July and many likely enjoyed fireworks into the evening after a day of barbecuing or a day on the beach. And today, many are back to the office and into their regular routines. The 4th of July is certainly an enjoyable holiday but let’s remember those who have served in uniform and certainly, those who are serving today. Recently, I had the privilege of meeting with Veterans who served in the Korean War and the Vietnam War, individuals who were struggling with traumatic events that related to their service years ago and a group of individuals who shared a unique bond with each other and, I might go as far as to say, were slightly distrustful of others, especially those who were not veterans. And immediately, after saying “I’m here as an advocate of Covenant Hospice but let me first thank you for your service to our country”, I got the sense that these gentleman who had sacrificed greatly for the freedoms we enjoy had not been simply thanked for their service in some time. This was an experience that has since made an impression on me and so as another 4th of July has come and gone, let’s remember the heroes who have served our country faithfully as well as those who are serving today and be mindful that sometimes, simply saying “thank you” can mean the most.


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