A Driving Difference

Submitted by Erin Stevens, Community Educator, Dothan Branch

As I was driving in town today, I saw two cars with vinyl lettering on the back glass memorializing an obvious friend or family member of the driver.  It was ironic to me that both of these memorialized were people the same age as me.  I didn’t think too much about it after seeing the first car, but when I saw a second one within an hour it started me thinking.  Immediately my mind raced,  “Wow! I am only 33 years old and what if that were me?….  Certainly, I have MUCH longer to live!….  I have SO much left to do and I want to have made a difference!”

Driving quietly the rest of the way, I asked the Lord what He would have me learn from this little occurrence.  I started on a journey of several thoughts.  The first being, that life is short…really short.  We never know when a terminal illness or any kind of accident could take our lives. My second thought was that we have but such a brief time on this earth to make a difference.

I started thinking about what I do each day at Covenant Hospice.  As a Community Educator, it can be easy to sit back and feel a little distant from the hard work our nurses and hospice aides do each day caring for our patients and families.  They have the privilege of physically and spiritually touching these precious people at the end of their life’s journey.  But then I remembered how important it is that Covenant’s reputable name is spread out into our communities, churches, and among our friends and families.

I am thankful that because of my occupation, I DO make a difference every day.  A difference is made in someones life each time a family decides to make Covenant their hospice.  I am reminded that EVERY job within our organization makes a difference in someones life.  As employees, volunteers, and friends of Covenant Hospice, let’s hold our heads high and work diligently knowing that each day we are here, we ARE making a difference!


2 Responses to “A Driving Difference”

  1. What an inspiring story, being on the road so much and remembering the difference that we are able to make in each other’s lives is an honor…

  2. This is a great post! Thank you, Erin!

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