Don’t Lose Focus on a Pot-bellied Pig

Recently, as I ran along the beach in South Florida, my eye caught a glimpse of something unusual. My neck jerked my head to the side and then back as I adjusted my eyes to see if I was seeing things. Did I really just see a huge pig?  Sure enough.

Then my mind began a whirlwind of thoughts: that’s crazy;  wonder if he’d give my kids a ride on that thing?; I’d never see anything like that in Northwest Florida; think he gets sunburned too?  And then “bam!”  Between my circling thoughts and my rubbernecking, I ran into a woman and knocked her down. After quick apologies, I declared the source of my clumsiness and the woman understood thankfully.

Thinking back on that event, it’s funny to tell and relive. But what strikes me is how true the lesson in it is for all of us: when something unexpected happens, you’ve got to maintain your focus or you may end up getting hurt or hurt someone else.

For our patients at Covenant Hospice, this may have been an unexpected diagnosis. For others, it may be the loss of a job. Or, maybe the economy has taken you by surprise.

Where will your focus be during these times or what is your focus during these times?  I’d love to hear your stories or ways you maintain focus in order to share it with our readers and encourage one another.

Until next time: watching out for pot-bellied pigs…


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