Teen Volunteers Make a Difference at Covenant Hospice!

The Covenant Hospice Volunteer Team recently received a short letter from a 15-year-old teen volunteer, explaining exactly why she chose to become a Covenant Volunteer: 

“The reason I became a Covenant Volunteer is because of the things they do, the love they give, and the lives that they brighten.  Just the other day I was speaking with a lady whose life was changed by the volunteers at Covenant Hospice.  She was telling me how thankful she was for their love and care in her time of sadness, when they barely knew her and she barely knew them.  I could see in her eyes the gratitude that she had for those volunteers.  I saw how much they meant to her and I knew that was something I would love to be a part of.  Today, I am proud to call myself a Covenant Hospice Volunteer and hope that one day I will have the pleasure and opportunity to fill someone’s heart with the love and care that the sweet woman had in her heart from other volunteers!”              ~Anonymous C.H. Teen Volunteer, 15 years old

Our teen volunteers often amaze me with how mature they seem and with their sincere eagerness to learn and help.  Teens have the same volunteer opportunities as adults at Covenant Hospice, and are a real asset to the organization.  Like our adult volunteers, some teens choose to work directly with patients and families, and others provide valuable assistance in office settings and with our fundraisers.  Teens bring a certainly youthful energy to the work, as you can imagine, and we always love having them involved. 

Most teenagers have a certain amount of community service hours that they must reach for high school programs, scholarships, and college applications.  Others are just looking for something to fill their time and to gain valuable experience in a healthcare setting, the direction that many are headed in their future careers.  Either way, Covenant Hospice is a great place for teenagers to find just what they’re looking for…and often a great deal more! 

Do you know a teenager that would make a great volunteer at Covenant Hospice?  Send them our way!  We’ll provide all the training and education needed, free of charge, to get them started down what might end up being a lifetime career path!


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