Covenant Hospice Diversity Engagement Committee: On The Move to Extend Hospice Care

At Covenant Hospice, our vision is for excellence in compassionate care for all people, to broaden and fulfill life’s journey. Over the last few months, a Diversity Engagement Committee (DEC) has been formed at Covenant Hospice to explore opportunities that increase service provision to diverse groups of individuals who need hospice care. This could very well be ethnicities such as African-Americans, Hispanics, or Asians, but the mission extends far beyond to Veterans and members of faith-based communities.

As a member of this committee and as an advocate for this committee throughout the community, building trust seems essential to reaching diverse groups.

Building trust, for example means recognizing Veterans for their service to our country and thanking them for their sacrifices. Sadly and far too often, Veterans have never been thanked for their service and sacrifice.

Establishing trust means building relationships with faith-based communities to raise awareness that Covenant provides emotional and spiritual support as an interdisciplinary approach to excellent, compassionate care.

This committee is busy with many exciting activities and has broken out into several Sub-Committees which focus on increasing care to members of Veteran, African-American, Hispanic/Latino, and Asian Communities.

With this mission, and the hopes to build trust, friends of Covenant, Staff, and Volunteers are encouraged to help. If you belong to an organization, a church or place of worship, or a community where individuals and their families may need the care that Covenant Hospice provides or even if you have a simple suggestion, let us know!

Contact Andre’ Hall or Brian Ranelli at (850) 433-2155 for more information or to get involved.


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