Clergy Appreciation Month

Besides cooler weather in the Panhandle and the approach of the holiday season, October marks an important reminder for Covenant Hospice employees and other community members. Clergy Appreciation Day is always celebrated on the second Sunday in October (Oct. 14, 2012 this year), and October is celebrated as Clergy Appreciation Month. According to the Occupational Employment Statistics, May 2011, about 42,500 people serve as clergy in the United States. So, chances are there have been people in your life who have ministered to you in some way or another. Just for fun, I searched the internet briefly and found all kinds of cards and gifts to purchase and give as appreciation. The gifts and cards ranged from the very serious to gag gifts to delightfully tacky. There is even a spoof on YouTube. I say all this not in a self-serving way (however Starbucks gift cards are appreciated.) Seriously, if I know our Chaplains and other clergy, a simple “thank-you” goes a long way. Our Chaplains work hard to bring presence, humor, smiles, and encouragement (to name a few) into the lives of patients everyday. And, I know they will appreciate hearing from others about how they have been used to minister. As they encourage, reach out to them with encouragement.

In celebration of Clergy Appreciation Day/Month, Covenant Hospice will host a retreat for our Chaplains on October 25, 2012. I thank Covenant on behalf of all our Chaplains for providing this day of rest and thanksgiving. And, I give thanks for the opportunity to serve alongside so many wonderful people and minister to our patients and families.


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