Start Care Now: Who Can Make a Referral to Hospice?

Life is good and most of us want a bit more of it.  The wish for a longer life is coming true for many as the aging population is living longer because they are living better with an increased emphasis on wellness.

With disease there is always hope. Hope that the cancer can be cured, hope that the blood pressure can be controlled and hope that a stroke can be reversed.  Hope gives us strength and positive feelings.  It bonds families together in the hope that our own life or the life of someone we love will be prolonged.  New medications, medical procedures and technology give us hope and the reality of living longer lives.

So, we know life is good but it isn’t forever.  No matter how good medicines are for us, no matter what surgeries can be developed and no matter what diseases can be cured life, at least on this earth, will come to an end for all of us.

More and more people are coming to realize that hospice care at the end of life relieves pain, nausea, fear, anxiety, and other symptoms associated with the end of life.  Hospice care comforts families.  Hospice specializes in end of life care to make every day as good as it can be.  How does a person get hospice care?  Who can make the referral?  Only the family doctor?  Some people nearing the end of their life don’t even have a personal doctor.  The answer is clear and easy.  Anyone can contact hospice about a person who may need their care. 

Although Medicare has strict rules about physicians ordering hospice care, the referral to hospice for patient inquiry and evaluation can be made by anyone.  “Anyone” in this case includes loving family members, friends, church members, professionals such as nurses, pharmacists, other physicians and even the patient themselves.  If there is a need for special care at the end of life, anyone can help that patient by making a referral to hospice. Covenant has developed a specialized system on the web for making referrals so if you feel that you or a family member may need hospice assistance, Start Care Now.


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