A Watchful Eye

Submitted by Shona Hall, Community Educator, Brewton Branch

Earlier this year in the Spring, I had the privilege of attending a fundraising event hosted by the Panama City Covenant Hospice Team. Even though this was not the first time that I had attended this fundraiser known as the Mask Gala, it was the first time that I went home with a piece of art that I had bid on in the silent auction. “A Watchful Eye” was mine. At that time I had no idea how one piece of art would have such an impact on me in the days and months to come. I believe that we all have “A Watchful Eye” at Covenant Hospice. As we go day-to-day in our individual duties throughout the communities that we serve, this watchful eye is ever-present in the care and compassion that we deliver to our patients and families.
As I said earlier, I did not realize that one piece of art would play such a significant role to me all these months later. Today, as I was driving home in the rain, it dawned on me. I had just finished the last of the Veteran’s Day Celebrations in my territory’s nursing facilities. The celebrations have been happening for the last week and with each celebration, comes new insight. There is no textbook or magazine that could give a more accurate account of this history. Some stories were happy while others would tear your heart apart. These Veteran’s had “A Watchful Eye.” These heroes watched over and protected our nation. With their watchful eyes, they preserved the freedoms that so many take for granted today. Even today, our active duty military men and women continue to make the ultimate sacrifice so that you and I may continue to prosper in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Today, I am so thankful for “A Watchful Eye.”


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