Feast Week

I heard a radio announcer use a disturbing term this morning–”feast week.” We have a national holiday this Thursday…something that harkens to the earliest days of our nation. It was recognized in order for Americans to pause and give thanks for all God has done for them. Yet, this radio announcer’s remarks only echo what is going on this week. Friday has become “Black Friday” and marks a great feast for retail businesses and for those of us looking for a Christmas present deal. In addition, this week has become a College Football fan’s delight as the “best” games and rivalry games take place Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. And what do most kids think about our upcoming holiday? Several polls indicate they see it as the one day a year they will eat turkey and stuffing. So, the radio announcer is accurate in his description of this week. It is a “feast” of sorts. My concern is where is the “thanks”?

Much of my work as a Covenant Hospice Chaplain focuses on thanksgiving and reconciliation—a recognition of how people with terminal illnesses are able to still look beyond their present circumstances and give thanks regardless of circumstances. I doubt the score of the game or the best deal on a 90” LED TV are at the forefront of their thoughts and feelings. Pain and suffering seems to clear up in our heads what is most important. So, my Thanksgiving, Feast Week, Turkey Day challenge to you is this: amidst your “feast” this week, stop, pause, or reflect–”feast” (if you will)–on things you cannot live without. Give thanks for them. And, give thanks for our patients who demonstrate how we add life to days when days can’t be added to our life!


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