Perspectives from a Very Special Hospice Aide Serving Covenant Hospice Patients in Dothan, Alabama

Very recently, I was invited to spend time with Sonya Snow, a Hospice Aide serving Covenant Hospice patients and families in Dothan, Alabama. I first learned about Sonya from Wendy Scurlock, Director of Branch Operations in Dothan, who told me how Sonya always goes above and beyond serving her patients, either by singing to them on Valentines Day or even dressing up as an Elf on Christmas. Soon after meeting Sonya, I was impressed with the love, kindness, and compassion that she shows to each patient she serves. To share a few perspectives, Sonya shared the following as we spent time together:

Showing Love to your Patients

One comment that Sonya expressed before visiting her first patient of the day was, “It’s all about loving on your patients.” This may seem like a rather obvious statement but to really love on your patients, for Sonya, means a warm hug or holding a patient’s hand. It means not only caring for the physical and personal care needs, but showing love and compassion to individuals who are facing a life limiting illness. “It’s the kind of medicine that is good for the soul,” says Sonya.

The Golden Rule

Driving about the beautiful country fields of Dothan, I was thankful that Sonya and I had a chance to visit and get to know each other. One thing Sonya asserted was that caring for patients all goes back to the golden rule, treating others as you would want to be treated. She continued, “I believe if you treat people with love and kindness, maybe someone will be there to treat you the same way when you need that care the most.”

Shortly before our day together came to a close, Sonya shared a handwritten letter that she had composed reflecting back to a patient she had become particularly close to –   Sonya often writes as she finds the activity “refreshes the soul.” The letter explains in touching detail, how she had become like a family member as the patient and his family welcomed her into their home. She then remarked feeling that he had done more for her than she could ever do for him with the knowledge and wisdom he shared with her.

A Hospice Aide’s responsibilities are to assist patients with personal care needs and to otherwise help patients live as independently as possible in a healthy and safe environment. It was special to see the love, kindness, and compassion that Sonya provides to her patients.


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