Share Your Strengths Supporting the Mission of Covenant Hospice

submitted by Keelea LeJeune, Volunteer Services Manager, EscaRosa Team

After dancing for the event in 2010, Donna Clark came on board to be the chair of one of our top fundraisers, Life’s a Dance, with 2012 being her second year as chair. She has helped us take this event to the next level – adding a fundraising competition among the local celebrity dancers. She helped identify those local celebrities that would not only dance, but help us raise funds for our patients and programs. Donna is a wonderful advocate for the mission of Covenant Hospice and sees it not only from her own perspective but also from those in her family. Donna’s daughter, Tiffany, has been an 11th hour volunteer with us for years, sitting at the bedside of many patients who would have otherwise been alone.  Just this year Donna’s husband, Bill, has gone through the training to become a volunteer for that same program. In addition, Bill participates in our We Honor Veterans program, honoring Covenant patients who have served our country.  They all encourage each other; it is lovely to see the family all support this mission with their own strengths.

Donna is the type of person that once she commits you don’t have to ask her again. She is a caring individual with a big heart for people. She has helped Covenant Hospice raise hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years whether chairing Life’s a Dance, attending other fundraisers, supporting a campaign for a specific program or a generous annual donation. Additionally, she advocates for the work that her daughter and husband do within our strong volunteer program. She will tell you (and it is so true), we all have our strengths and for her, it is the fundraising piece. As for her husband and daughter, it is spending time with patients. We all have something we can give and Donna and her family are the perfect example. Donna never loses sight of why we are fundraising. While asking for funds, she educates people about the compassionate care we provide to our patients at the end of life as well as the support provided to the loved ones during this time. We are so grateful for Donna and her family’s support of our mission! Would you like to follow the Clark’s example and get your family involved as Covenant Hospice Volunteers?  Contact a Volunteer Services Manager near you today to learn about upcoming opportunities for training in your area!



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