Words from A Beautiful & Wise Soul: “Life is Worth Living”

by Tristessa Osborne

After a Sunday spent with two of my favorite people from Navarre, Florida, I am humbled by my take away from our day. Not only did the most beautiful aging soul keep the spirit, she had the medical staff laughing so hard they struggled to hook up her monitors. She was in the dark alone and scared just hours before, and now, laughing about life and lighting up the entire Emergency Department.

And then she looked over to me and said the most prophetic proclamation given the circumstances. In the middle of a good belly laugh, she looked over to me and sighed, then strongly claimed, “life is worth living.” There we were, sitting in a medical facility, moments of unknowns ahead, one of us facing mortality most likely before the rest, and yet the room was filled with laughter and genuine appreciation of life. I was nothing short of amazed.

I am humbled and oddly thankful for my time in the hospital these past few days.  It’s moments like this when I can honestly say; I was swept off my feet by a beautiful soul that reminded me of one of the best gifts of life. Living.

I am so appreciative of our medical experts and care teams who responded to her needs with sincerity, genuine concern and continue at this moment to help guide her journey with compassion.

Thank you for helping us capture every gift in every moment as we travel through this life journey.

Life is a beautiful journey and Covenant Hospice promises excellence in compassionate care, adding life into days when days can no longer be added to life.


About tristessao

Tristessa Osborne serves Covenant Hospice as the Vice-President of Marketing. She earned her Masters in Management in 2004 from Troy State University, and Bachelor's of Interdisciplinary Studies of Social Science in 2001 from University of West Florida. Tristessa moved to Pensacola in 1999, from Dallas / Fort Worth and has worked for Covenant since 2007. Prior to Covenant Hospice, Tristessa held positions in various capacities such as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor for teens, Case Manager for the severely mentally ill, and business management and ownership. She is past-chair of the National Hospice Workgroup, Sales and Marketing forum after serving three years as chair.

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